Hershy Way LTD

Hershy Way LTD

This is the Outdoor Furniture Company gave me my first chance to get my feet wet in the commerce side of online development. This is an Amish owned business which means their access to computers and internet are limited. After much planning and research, I created a system where I could send in their online orders directly to their fax machine! Now we process orders daily and send them to Hershy Way so the packages can be put together and sent to areas across the country.

The owner of Hershy Way also needed a way to supply their many dealers with pricing and pictures for their old products as well as their new products. Since the files posed too big to send in an email, we decided that a back end portal to the website with the files would be the best option to supply this sensitive and bulky information. A simple backend with a login for the dealers was still not enough because of the different levels of dealership this company had. Some dealers were allowed certain levels of pricing which meant we had to make so one level of dealership could see some files without seeing the other files that were not meant for them! We ended up creating a database that of three different levels of dealers one level has access to one set of pricing while the next level has access to other information. This all depends on how we setup their user settings. This concept has proved quite helpful by allowing many dealers from across the country to access sensitive information in a secure way.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Josh and Web Artistic the last year and a half. Josh does a great job on managing a few E-commerce companies for us. When the need arose for a website to satisfy our retailers, he built a very nice website with a secure section for our retailers to download retailer only info. The whole site has been a great asset to us at Hershy Way.” -Jay (Hershy Way)

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