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We believe God has given us imaginations to create new and exciting things to bring value to others.

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We believe good things come from a little inspiration and a lot of determination and perspiration.

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Having fun on the job helps us stay creative and energized so we take lots of coffee breaks and other breaks in between coffee breaks =) 


VIZTECH was founded by Dave and Josh Troyer, a father and son duo who started their marketing company with a passion to help other businesses grow. Dave is the former owner of Troyer’s Specialty Fencing, a successful business in South Georgia. Josh started working for his dad’s fence company around the age of 15 years old and quickly found that he loved working with his dad helping to grow the business. In 2014 Dave decided to move his family back to his home town in Holmes County, Ohio which meant he would need to sell his, almost 20 year old, fencing business.

Unable to work along side his dad anymore, Josh decided to start a new business of his own: building websites. Josh loved helping local businesses in Holmes County grow online through websites and other online growth applications. It wasn’t long before his business, by the name of Web Artistic, grew to the point of hiring team members to help with the increased work load. In early 2017 Josh rented out an office space in downtown Berlin, Ohio for a permanent location.

At the end of 2016 Dave had started a business of his own, VIZTECH 360, which provided digital screen advertising for local businesses. In just a few months the business grew rapidly as Dave worked hard to serve his customer’s needs. By May of 2017, it was apparent that the next best step was to merge Josh’s company with Dave’s company so they could both support each other as they grew. The business was rebranded as VIZTECH

As father and son came together once again to work as a team their vision remained the same. Their passion is to help other businesses succeed by using the principles they had learned in the past years of working together.

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Our team at VIZTECH started from a simple vision of helping businesses grow through digital marketing. The founders, Dave and Josh, have years of experience in the business world and they know how powerful a good website, engaging social media, and captivating content can be for growing businesses great and small.


Our team at VIZTECH started from a simple vision of helping businesses grow through technology. The founders, Dave and Josh, had years of experience in the business world and they knew that technologies such as screen advertising, website, and online applications where fast becoming the means of marketing and growth for businesses great and small.

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