As you enter your small business into the world of social media, you can grow your customer base. Platforms are easy to learn, even for first-time users, and provide a way for you to market your goods or services for free. The only step you need to take to get started is signing up on multiple platforms.

Each One is Unique

Every social media platform has a different purpose that you can utilize to grow your business. Facebook can help your business by creating a community. You can get Facebook ads to directly market your products to your desired demographic. However, if you are marketing to a younger crowd, Facebook might not be the best way to go. Instead, Instagram offers easy ways to reach potential customers of all ages, simply by posting pictures and sharing news through the Instagram story capability. LinkedIn is also a great option if you want to attract professional attention to your business and look for new hires. YouTube is best for tutorials for your products and video ads.  


You Need to Reach a Broad Audience

While your target audience might be small and specific, each person uses social media differently and it could be hard to predict which platform would give you the most success. Managing multiple platforms will help you reach your target audience. Each platform you use increases your exposure and enables new people to find and support your business. You can also encourage your followers to add you across all platforms and use giveaways as incentives to share your business on their own platforms. This broadens your audience and gives your free advertisement as your loyal customers share your business with all their followers.


Increases Search Engine Exposure

The more accounts your business has, the more likely the business is to show up on a search engine. In this day and age, you are competing with countless other small businesses with an online presence. When a potential customer searches online, or on a specific platform, for a particular product, chances are they will only click on the first couple of links before they settle on what they want. By increasing your social media presence, you are also increasing your likelihood of being one of the first links they click on.


As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. This applies to social media usage as well. Once you start putting your business on multiple platforms, your heightened exposure will lead to growing sales.

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