Once you’ve established your business and gotten it off the ground, it takes real work to get it operating at peak functionality. As you get to the phase where you are looking forward to expanding into new markets or doing other things to elevate your business, it’s important that you do your research. Thinking carefully about all the potential next steps you could take will help you know what the best option for you really is.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is a method of marketing where you create quality content—whether blog articles, videos, or podcasts—that allow you to address some of the same problems that your services aim to address.


By addressing common issues that your target customers face through your different content, you’ll be able to not only pull in potential clients who then convert to becoming customers, but you’ll also be able to build a brand persona of being helpful and delivering quality information.


Local SEO

Working to up your local SEO game will help you tap into the high potential customer base in your immediate vicinity. Typically, the best way to get great local SEO is to focus on your Google page and make sure you have lots of great reviews.


Doing this will not only make your website more visible and accessible, but it will make it easier for locals. Local SEO helps optimize your website so potential customers can more easily find it.


Use Social Media

Using social media is another great way to take your business to the next level. Social media provides you the opportunity to personalize your brand and interact with your customers in a way that maximizes connecting with them. Compared to other platforms, you can use social media to get comments, feedback, and even DM customers.


Figure out the different platforms that work the best for you—for example, a hair salon might thrive on Instagram where they can post before and after pictures as well as informative hair tips. On the other hand, a SaaS company might do better on Twitter where the environment is quicker and more cutting edge.


Figuring out how to improve your business one step at a time will take work. But being smart about it will take you a long way. Focus on one main approach at a time, implement it, and then measure the results. As you measure the results, you’ll start to figure out the different methods that work the best for your company.

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