Our world is transitioning into a place where the office does not have to be stationary. People are working from all over the globe and making an income without seeing a time clock or CEO. Where are these jobs? Well, according to Inc, 700,000 consulting agencies are operating on the web. The education and customer services fields are also growing fast. Consulting services see the most lucrative returns with management consulting bringing in $250 billion each year.

Online Private Schools

These educational institutions offer gifted, troubled, and busy students the opportunity to study at an individual pace. Parents who feel that a child can only get a certain quality of education from a school abroad or in another state use these web-based programs. Online private schools are thriving because they provide an alternative form of quality education for nontraditional students.

Customer Service Representatives

Smartphone assistants and veterinary technicians alike can talk to customers and solve problems on the web. Online access offers the chance to submit questions and research solutions. Healthcare firms use the internet to connect with patients, inform large audiences, and share secure forms and records. Retailers have CSR personnel who find solutions to customer complaints to help the brand keep a reputable image. In fact, three out of four businesses see a positive outcome from marketing with online videos such as training shows. Other industries use call centers with predictive dialing for their lead generation as well as customer service aspect of answering customer questions and complaints.


IT experts for drone troubleshooting, server issues, and site hosting are a few examples of the services you can find on the Internet. These professionals can talk a client through the steps to find issues or direct a person where to send an item to get repairs. Consultants can work in any sector including beauty, fashion, wellness, stress relief, craft making, computer, education, and management fields. Social media managers can help these firms keep track of content, problems, consumer complaints, advertising opportunities and more with tracking software.

Consulting firms offer everything from legal help to learning how to play the guitar with online training videos, international conference calls, and libraries of information for research and teaching. CSR teams provide the connection that businesses need to keep patients in the health field happy. The internet is the world’s marketplace, letting businesses and consumers find countless products and services while connecting at the same time.


If you’re ever thinking of starting a business, or adding a new service to an already existing, consider what’s working in the business world today. And when you do, remember to come to us with your marketing needs.