If your business, like many others, relies on the internet, broken laptops and computers can be quite a problem for your productivity. But rather than buying a whole new laptop to replace your old one, it’s likely that your broken laptop can be repaired. You may even have a chance to trade in your damaged device for a better one that has already been repaired. Here are a few things to consider before you jump on Amazon to find a new laptop.

Choosing a PC Repair Shop

Computer repair is generally fairly nondiscriminatory. A quick Google search will probably pull up multiple authorized and independent repair shops for both Macbooks and PC computers in your area.  

Authorized repair shops can perform warranty repairs which, if applicable to your laptop, can save you a lot of money. Manufacturers also may stand behind repairs performed by their authorized repair centers, helping people to feel more confident. Oftentimes, authorized repair centers may offer you a trade-in for repaired or refurbished laptops.

On the other hand, independent repair shops have similar capabilities and can often perform repairs with equal or superior quality at a better price. Many independent shops provide warranties for their work and also offer opportunities for making trades. Some places may even sell you the parts to help you with a DIY repair.

Do You Have the Right to Repair?

Some manufacturers seem to want to restrict your options for repair, so they prohibit you from having your laptop repaired by a “non-authorized” facility. As a matter of fact, Apple makes clear they may void your warranty if you choose anything other than an authorized Apple repair store to do the work. This is why finding a certified Apple repair store is probably your best bet in preserving a warranty.

According to Repair.org, many states have already either passed or introduced legislation that empowers the owners of digital equipment to choose how to have it repaired. These new laws aim to protect you from manufacturers who otherwise threaten to void your device’s warranty if you have an “unauthorized” shop repair it. This can be invaluable for your business if you don’t have authorized repair shops nearby and you are trying to get a laptop repaired.

If your laptop has an expired warranty, you can freely choose who does the repairs. However, before you authorize a repair, be sure to find out about the shop’s privacy practices and whether they provide a warranty on their repairs.

You can save a lot of money by repairing your laptop or at least trading it in for a refurbished unit. Also, buying a used laptop can result in considerable savings without sacrificing specifications, valuable time, or your ability to meet customer demands.