Having a website is an essential component of any business. It boosts sales by extending your clientele beyond your physical location. For the site to be useful, however, it needs to have safeguards against cyber-criminals.

Regular updates and having more robust controls is a start. Installing security applications and firewalls is the next step. Such are just some of the measures of a secure, efficient website. These actions come together to form an Internet Security Plan. With the plan, you need the right people to implement it. You can, thus, not compromise on competence as you staff your business. Strict recruitment protocols, including employment drug testing, will give you a productive workforce.

Some tried and tested, recruitment practices to a competent staff include:

Review Applicants’ Credentials Carefully

Review the job applications received carefully to see whether they meet the job requirements. Be advised to have a list of the characteristics you desire most in a qualified candidate. Here, detail your preferred skills, qualifications and experience. Credentials might include cyber-security, website management, WordPress management, ability to code, past website management experience. Another issue that may arise as you review the credentials of the applicant is the background check. This can reveal if the applicant has any red flags with regard to running a website. Pay attention to this information as it can come in handy down the road. 

Use this list to screen all candidates applying for the job. It will help screen only the most qualified candidates for interviewing.

Have a Drug Policy in Place

Employment drug testing is another method of getting the right hires. Having a workplace drug policy has been proven to produce a drug-free workplace. The results of this include Lower absenteeism, fewer accidents, and increased productivity. A drug-free workplace will, also, improve overall office morale, emotional stability, and creativity.

It’s paramount, however, to ensure that your employment drug testing requirements remain humane. An efficient, office drug policy will:

  1. Prohibit consumption, distributing and selling of hard drugs around the office.
  2. Provide for exceptions; For instance: with over-the-counter medications under a prescription.

iii. Communicate the options available to employees

  1. Be easy to understand and readily available to all employees.
  2. Communicate disciplinary measures to be taken for violating the policy.

Enforce Background Checks

Effective background checks are an invaluable tool when hiring. It helps you verify the credentials presented by the different applicants. Such checks act to test the sterling credentials, experience and skills submitted.

An adequate background check will track an applicant’s work references. Former Supervisors, employment references, education credentials are an excellent place to start. As you look into this, check for any criminal records and actual jobs too.

Parting Shot:

Hiring the right staff will be central to your overall business success. This success will include your online business presence as well as other business aspects of the same. Accordingly, it is essential that you get only the right candidate for the job. Take time screening your job applications before you hire. Conduct background checks and work to attain a drug-free workplace.