If you are building a social media strategy, you might be wondering where to start. Marketers tell small businesses that they can use social media to achieve their marketing goals. How can you do this? Almost everyone today is on social media, but only a few businesses are getting the most out of the sites. To reap the fruits of social media, implement the following tips in your marketing strategy.

Get Lots of Facebook Business Reviews

In the present digital age, when people are looking for a reliable organization to provide a service for them, the first thing they do is listen to Facebook Business Reviews for guidance. Most consumers are likely to trust companies with many positive reviews, so you need to get the reviews tab to show up on your business page and also learn to manage the comments. Go to “Settings” and then to “Reviews Tab is visible” tab and turn the switch “ON.” Once you have done, click “Save,” and you will start to receive Facebook Business Reviews.

Get more of your customers to leave positive reviews for your business on your Facebook page. Email them, add a call-to-action to your website, make the process of leaving reviews easy, and thank your customers who leave their feedback. This way, you will increase the exposure of your business and ultimately have a higher flow of customers.

Post Original Content

To make your business stand out in the crowded marketplace, be a creator by producing creative, original content consistently. Most small businesses have a presence on social media, but they are not achieving much on the marketing platforms because they are just reposting other people’s philosophies and images. All profiles start to look the same. As such, post unique content to help your customers to have a clear image of what service you are offering them.

Be Social

Don’t forget social media is about developing real relationships. Whenever you are on your social media sites, focus on networking. Start by sending friend requests and then take your time to get to know the people with whom you are connected. Read their profiles, send them pieces of interesting information from time to time, and answer their questions. You also need to ask questions whenever appropriate. Relationship building is two-way traffic, so connections will only ask you questions if you show interest in them. The quality of your relationships determines the benefit you get from social media.

Be Authentic

No one wants to associate with people who are unreal. Your social media friends expect you to be yourself. If they realize you are playing some dirt game with them to get followers, that alone can cause you serious trouble. As soon as they learn you are not what you appear to be, they will quickly unfollow you or leave your page without reading your posts. The good news is that you can learn to be authentic.

Add Value

Are your posts, your story submissions, your profile, or whatever you do or offer on social media valuable to your audience? You can know whether you are adding value by assessing different metrics such as comments and likes. To add value, submit useful links, include great descriptions of your articles, and explain why your audience needs to follow, or offer actionable advice. Just ensure you are always resourceful.


In addition to your other marketing strategies, social media presents you a perfect opportunity to promote your brand. However, you cannot get the desired results without putting in some inputs. Keep the above tips in mind and incorporate them into your marketing strategy, and you will be able to increase the flow of your customers without spending money on effective techniques that are out there.


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