PioneerIWS Hospital Cots

PioneerIWS is one of the most innovative customers we know. In just two weeks PIONEER went from conversation, to concept, to delivering the first PioneerIWS Field Hospital Cots to Long Island, New York on April 3rd. Another 1,000 shipped to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, in Columbus Ohio on April 8th.​

Temporary hospital in Columbus, Ohio

Temporary hospital in Columbus, Ohio with the PioneerIWS hospital cots.

PIONEER retooled their manufacturing facility to mass produce hospital cots with another 2,000 plus in production and requests for product from six different states. “Our goal is to be able to produce 1,000 cots a day if needed.” said Project Manager, John Wengerd, who led the PIONEER team in setting up the new, incredibly lean assembly line that is able to produce over 100 field hospital costs per hour – one completed cot every 30 seconds. “This was made possible by utilizing our new Industrial Workflow Solutions (PioneerIWS); Flexturs Workstations and Rolling Shelf.” Visit for more information.

Cots being Assembled at PioneerIWS

Cots being assembled at the PioneerIWS factory

“We believe in standing together in times of adversity. In difficult times we have an opportunity to pull together and seek ways to make a difference,” said Daniel Wengerd, CEO of PIONEER. “It is simply our duty to help our fellowman in time of need – and be a light to the world in these latter times. Our business belongs to the Lord. We are called to serve others and be faithful stewards of His resources in this journey of life.”

For more information about this project, or PIONEER, call PioneerIWS at 330.516.1502, or visit  You can also learn about all the contributing companies through their respective websites.




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